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Iowa Chapter of HIMSS Membership Committee


Your Iowa HIMSS Chapter is calling you to join the Membership Committee to help grow our membership, while gaining excellent opportunities for professional development, networking and active engagement.


The purpose of the membership committee is to provide input/suggestions to improve educational events, add value to our membership actively recruit new members, and promote/encourage participation in HIMSS conference/events. The Membership Committee will be the liaison between the Board and membership community. We will assess membership needs through instruments such as surveys and questionnaires or other methods suggested by the Board, and communicate to the members needs to the Board.


Membership Committee will meet once a month online for an hour.


If you have the desire, passion, and ability to use your special knowledge and skills to be part of the Membership Committee, please email me:


Membership Chair-HIMSS Iowa Chapter




Why You Should Be A HIMSS Member

Networking & Education
- No other professional affiliation links you to so many like-minded individuals sharing knowledge, solving problems and networking. Through Iowa HIMSS you can participate in local social events, attend education events directed at the concerns and interest of our region, meet new people, exchange ideas and expand your professional connections.


Iowa HIMSS needs YOU to succeed! 


Local Committees - Build your leadership skills, grow your industry knowledge, donate your time and share a vision to improve healthcare.  Please consider getting more involved with one of the following:


Iowa HIMSS Program Committee - The Program Committee puts together educational and social events for Iowa HIMSS. These events range in topic, but all promote healthcare information and information technology.   The group hosts 3 events a year feature local and national speakers.


Iowa HIMSS Scholarship Committee - The Scholarship Committee raises money for the Randy A. Haskins scholarship which honors one of our past Iowa HIMSS Presidents. This committee also raises money for an academic and professional scholarship to further education and career in the healthcare field.


Iowa HMSS Membership Committee - The Membership Committee works to improve the membership of the organization and reach out to new potential members. Along with this, the membership committee works to drive new ideas and programs to better the Iowa Chapter.


Iowa HIMSS Advocacy Round Table Committee - The Advocacy Committee works with the Board of Directors to provide public support for recommendation of a particular cause or policy. This committee works directly with the Board to provide leadership and support as well as report all National, State, and Local HIMSS advocacy updates to the Iowa Chapter.


Please visit the website to learn more and sign up:


About HIMSS- HIMSS is a global, cause-based, not-for-profit organization focused on better health through information technology (IT). HIMSS leads efforts to optimize health engagements and care outcomes using information technology around the world.





Connect with us on a national level - To learn more about HIMSS and to find out how to join us and our members in advancing our cause, please visit our website at


Connect with uson a local level - To learn more about our local Iowa HIMSS Chapter and the our offerings please review the back of this brochure and visit our website at


Join your peers- HIMSS members encompass a broad range of professional roles from CIOs, clinicians, financial experts to consultants, project managers, and systems analysts. Build the peer networks necessary to achieve your goals.


Be a leader- As a member and volunteer you have the opportunity to help create content, including educational resources and influential policy positions, all while earning leadership experience.


Access content- Each year HIMSS volunteers and staff publish hundreds of content pieces, including educational events, thought leadership pieces, public policy positions, on-demand topical webinars and publications.


Save money!- Members receive complimentary access to hundreds of valuable resources on publications and educational events.





Questions? Contact Us

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Why should you be a HIMSS member?

Healthcare organizations often participate in Organizational Affiliate programs.  These programs are designed to help healthcare providers and academic organizations offer its staff and students all of the resources they need to succeed at their jobs and in the industry. Organizations can save time and money and its employees benefit from free individual memberships.  Reach out to your employer to see if they participate or encourage them to join at



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