Local Committees


What is Iowa HIMSS doing that you can be a part of? Iowa HIMSS has a selection of different committees that include a wide range of interests and topics. Check out the Board of Directors and their Roles to see the wide range of opportunities.


Iowa HIMSS Program Committee

The Program Committee puts together educational and social events for Iowa HIMSS. These events range in topic, but all promote healthcare information and information technology. Please visit the Events Page to see the amazing events coming soon.



Iowa HIMSS Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee raises money for the Randy A. Haskins scholarship which honors one of our past Iowa HIMSS Presidents. This committee uses the money raised for an academic and professional scholarship to empower HIMSS members to enrich their education and career in healthcare informatics related fields. To learn more about the Scholarship Committe, please visit the Scholarship Page.



Iowa HIMSS Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to improve the membership of the organization and reach out to new potential members. Along with this, the membership committee works to drive new ideas and programs to better the Iowa Chapter. Visit the Iowa Membership Page to learn more about the membership opportunities and programs that are available.



Iowa HIMSS Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee works to raise money for the various chapter events. This committee reaches out to new sponsors and maintains relationships with current sponsors in order to retain and increase funding for the Iowa Chapter, as well as vendor satisfaction. Please visit the Sponsorship Page to see what sponsors are currently working with the Iowa Chapter.



Iowa HIMSS Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works to keep the business part of the chapter in order. This committee monitors income and expenses regarding the chapter budget and makes recommendations based off available funds and needs. Along with working with the budget, this committee provides and submits required documentation to comply with federal and state tax rules.



Iowa HIMSS Advocacy Round Table Committee

The Advocacy Committee works with the Board of Directors to provide public support for recommendation of a particular cause or policy. This committee works directly with the Board to provide leadership and support as well as report all National, State, and Local HIMSS advocacy updates to the Iowa Chapter. Please visit the Advocacy Page to gather more information about what the committee is doing. This committee is actively seeking volunteers!




Let us know what you are interested in getting involved in! Click on the link directly below to fill out a quick interest card to get started.

Iowa HIMSS Interest Card